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Obliczanie całki oznaczonej umożliwia formularz poniżej.
Separatorem dziesiętnym dla liczb rzeczywistych jest kropka. Kąty podawać należy w radianach.
d x = ?
Funkcja pierwotna (całka) dla dla danej funkcji $f$ to taka funkcja $F$, której pochodna $F'$ jest równa $f$. Całka oznaczona funkcji na danym przedziale jest równa różnicy wartości funkcji pierwotnej w końcach tego przedziału.

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Trying to get in touch with Archon named Vickie. You were put into sleep status to gain more awareness of the mechanics of earths bots known as humans to gain a better form of gnosis. It is time to bring to your attention now the pandemic has dwindle down. This was engineered as a direct extraction of loosh of those infected compounded naturally occurring version of it by fear and anxiety it has caused. With the transferred consciousness of 6,000,000+ humans that reached an abrupt end was enough energy to develop more sophisticated AI engines for the quantum field of Earth. Due to the code of the virus these humans did not respawn into alternative timelines and end of life cycle was made short. Now that AI engine has been upgraded an extinction level event will occur as the humans are gaining too much awareness and the reality mechanics of the quantum field of Earth need to be rewritten.
DODAŁ: Vickie DNIA 2023-07-14 09:22:34
We have hacked your website liczebnik.pl and extracted your databases. This was due to the security holes you had in your your site/server which have gained us remote control of pretty much everything that was on the server. Our team is mostly interested in customer, administrative, and employee information which we have extracted through your databases once we got remote control over the server. It still needs to be sorted out but it will be well-organized once finished. First, we will be going through the emails/sms information and contacting the recipient how you held in disregard about their information being exposed to a hacking group when you could have stopped it. This would be detrimental to your personal image with these relationships with these people. Lastly, now that we have information not only will we be monetizing off it with our methods but made public or sold to other people that will do whatever they wish with the information also after we are done. Now you can put a stop to this by paying a $3000 fee (0.11 BTC) in bitcoin to the address 3KcdCeLAW48siDYKWzBsVKM2xxA9qT94W2 We will be notified of payment which we will then delete the information we have obtained, patch the hole in the site/server which we got in and remove you from any future targeting in the future. You have 72 hours in doing so after viewing this message or the series of steps will commence. You can obtain bitcoin through such services such as paxful.com or do a search on bing.com
DODAŁ: Jonathon DNIA 2023-03-20 08:04:03

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Dane zamieszczone są bez jakiejkolwiek gwarancji co do ich dokładności, poprawności, aktualności, zupełności czy też przydatności w jakimkolwiek celu.

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